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Big changes coming to managed funds: Calastone Connect Forum

25 Apr 2017

As boundaries that once defined sectors and behaviours continue to fade in the face of disruption, now is the time to rethink value propositions, anticipate policy changes and leverage smart technologies that can be applied on a firm and industry scale. This is what we heard from an expert collective gathered recently in Sydney for the Calastone Connect Forum Briefing. Diving into topics as diverse as trends shaping financial advice, the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) data transformation, and non-banking potential of the New Payments Platform, each expert acknowledged the continued shift to put individuals and information at the centre of processes.

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Sarah Hayward

Posted by Sarah Hayward, Managing Director - Head of Australia.
Tags: Australia, event, fintech

How robo-advice could reshape fund management in APAC

19 Apr 2017

Robo-advice is gaining stature as independent robo-advice firms grow and traditional fund management firms expand their offering. A growing number of wealth managers – who traditionally focused on very high income earners – are developing robo-advice tools with much reduced AuM thresholds. Data from BI Intelligence predicted robo-advisors would control around $8 trillion in investor assets by 2020, and that $2.4 trillion of robo-adviser AuM will come from APAC.

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Leo Chen

Posted by Leo Chen, Managing Director - Head of Asia.
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Calastone’s New Zealand expansion accelerating

02 Mar 2017

Calastone continues to grow throughout Australasia following the strong reception from New Zealand where several of the nation’s leaders in funds management are now sending and receiving orders across the network.

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Tony Nejasmic

Posted by Tony Nejasmic, Director of Business Development, Calastone AU NZ.
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What a difference a new year makes

31 Jan 2017

With a new year comes a fresh start, and 2017 will be a year of new challenges and opportunities. 2016 was indeed an eventful year for politics around the world, but it will be 2017 where we will truly start to feel the full effects of some of these changes. If, as the government has suggested, Article 50 is triggered early this year, we should gain some insight into what kind of Brexit (‘hard’ or ‘soft’) we will have and how this could potentially affect the funds industry. We should certainly see greater clarity around fund passporting, so that we, as an industry, can start preparing to make any necessary changes.

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Jon Willis

Posted by Jon Willis, Chief Commercial Officer.
Tags: Regulation, Brexit, fintech

Opportunity in chaos: Asset managers turn to fintech as marketplace evolves

12 Jan 2017

A long process of disruption and adjustment as developments ranging from the technological (e.g. the Chinese invention of gun powder) and the social (e.g. the Protestant reformation in Europe) to the economic (i.e. the rise of the Asian tiger economies in the 1980s and 90s) have forced a fundamental reimagining of ways of thinking, acting and doing business throughout global history.

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Sebastien Chaker

Posted by Sebastien Chaker, Managing Director - Head of Asia.
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Funds Industry Roundtable: Reaching for performance

09 Jan 2017

At the end of 2016 Funds Europe hosts a roundtable to talk about industry change, featuring asset managers and operational providers, and about topics including distribution and technology.

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Jon Willis

Posted by Jon Willis, Chief Commercial Officer.
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Navigating change – leveraging the power of technology

07 Dec 2016

To say that technology has evolved at lightning speed would be an understatement. Innovations including computer-driven portfolio construction and advice (robo-advice), shared ledger technology (Blockchain) and machine learning are progressing at an unprecedented pace. This change is so rapid that businesses are regularly being forced to reassess and re-evaluate their strategies and models. A Calastone whitepaper – “The Accelerating power of technology: lessons for the future of fund distribution” – highlights the funds industry, whether it is the manager, distributor, platform or transfer agent (TA), must embrace technology at every level of their organisation if they are to make effective strategic choices going forward.

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Jon Willis

Posted by Jon Willis, Chief Commercial Officer.
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Calastone network now reached over 10,000 trading links worldwide

22 Sep 2016

Since the Calastone Transaction Network went live in 2008, it has grown exponentially. When Calastone was established, transactions in the mutual funds industry were nothing short of archaic. Transaction messaging was still conducted by phone, fax, email, and excel spreadsheet; and the industry had been lacking a transaction network capable of handling and interpreting instructions that was accessible to all.

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Andrew Tomlinson

Posted by Andrew Tomlinson, Marketing Director.
Tags: fintech, order routing