With connectivity across 34 countries and territories, more than 1,200 customers process domestic & cross-border transactions across our transaction network.

Schroders Luxembourg

We liked the simplicity that Calastone brings to the order routing, execution and settlement of mutual fund transactions. Messages received into Calastone are normalised to ISO 20022 using a translation service which allows us to continue to use our existing messaging capability without incurring significant investment in new infrastructure technology. Connecting to Calastone means we are able to focus on our core business; providing a first class investment service for our clients from trade to settlement, whilst keeping operational risk down and expanding our distribution reach. Read case study
— Operations Director

AP Pension

The system is very user-friendly. I was fully supported by the Calastone Operations team, who then made moving into production exceptionally easy. I felt comfortable at all times that there was minimum implementation risk due to the strict process and controls Calastone have in place and at every step they were there to guide me and ensure I was completely comfortable.  -  Senior Portfolio Manager 

Aviva Investors

At Aviva Investors we are committed to providing our clients with focused investment solutions and are pleased to now offer our clients access to the global Calastone network. We have noticed that Calastone’s transaction network continues to attract an increasing number of fund distributors and transfer agents and this is a positive step towards increased efficiency for the global funds industry. 
— Chief Executive

Baring Asset Management

Barings has been benefiting from Calastone’s transaction network since its inception in May 2008. By extending our use of their network to reach Asia, we are able to reduce costs and risks, and increase efficiency; ultimately providing our clients with greater choice and an improved service. 
— Head of Mutual Fund Dealing

Brewin Dolphin

Brewin Dolphin has been using electronic dealing for funds for some years now. There is little doubt about the advantages to us and the industry and we are now looking forward to working with Calastone to further extend this idea and to increase our reach. Calastone’s ability to process transactions regardless of the messaging system used (i.e. SWIFT or FIX) combined with their easy-to-connect model is likely to attract more fund providers and transfer agents, which in turn will bring further efficiencies to the industry. 
— Head of Electronic Trading Services

Capita Financial

Great strides are being made in the mutual fund industry to achieve greater efficiencies and STP. We took the decision to connect to Calastone because we believe that our clients will benefit from more choice. 
— Chief Executive Officer


Cofunds Institutional is 100 per cent committed to providing choice for our clients. By adopting an open architecture approach to industry connectivity and now connecting Calastone, we can ensure that our clients can benefit from our institutional services, irrespective of their messaging preference, including SWIFT via Calastone.

— Director of Institutional Services 

F&C Investments

At F&C we are committed to providing a first class investment service for our clients. Calastone offers an alternative in mutual fund transactions enabling us to enjoy significant cost savings, increased business process automation and STP efficiency through this relationship. Calastone’s network provides the best scalable solution to automate and transact our order flow both now and in anticipation of the demand in the future.
— Head of UK Retail

Findlay Park

We wanted to be able to offer full fund transaction automation to our shareholders and have been impressed not only with the flexibility of the Calastone system but also with their responsive approach in addressing our specific requirements.
— Findlay Park


For participating fund managers, transactions that were previously communicated to FundBPO by fax are now being processed via Calastone. This means the average time taken to confirm a fund transaction is reduced and quality of transaction services has improved. - Chief Executive Officer

GLG Partners

In our quest for increased automation and efficiency and to enable our clients to easily trade GLG’s mutual funds, Calastone’s offering is naturally appealing. We have been impressed not only with the speed in which Calastone is signing up participants, but also its commitment to making the movement of funds in the mutual fund market more efficient.
— GLG Partners

Henderson Global Investors

We continually review how we can increase efficiency by identifying investment and technology opportunities. We have been impressed with how Calastone is providing the industry with the means to take advantage of the scale of transaction flow available via a truly global mutual fund market place. We are confident Calastone’s business model and flexibility will help us achieve and manage our ambitions for future growth.
— Head of Retail Operations

Hermes Investment Management

Calastone offers a number of unique benefits to the fund distribution community, and we found the speed of onboarding impressive. We look forward to working together to responsibly provide innovative products and an excellent client experience to the investment community - Head of Operations

Invesco Perpetual

We are pleased to be connected to Calastone’s transaction network. Doing so is consistent with our commitment to continue to drive automation within the funds industry to help lower costs and reduce risk for both ourselves and our clients.
— Head of European Transfer Agency

Iveagh Private Investment House, (Dublin)

We wanted the facility to monitor all trades for our Iveagh Wealth Fund directly and the flexibility of the Calastone offering and accessible pricing model allows us to do this in a highly cost effective way. Using Calastone’s system we have full visibility and control of order flow. Another big advantage is the Calastone settlement solution, which will give us full automation right through the fund transaction lifecycle.
— Head of Operations

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Since connecting to Calastone, we have been realising the cost and risk benefits of making our funds available via Calastone’s transaction network and are delighted to make our funds available to Calastone’s wider community. Calastone’s ability to receive messages in multiple formats, and their ability to reformat these into the ISO 20022 standard, significantly increases the range of distributors and investors that have straight through access to our fund range. J.P. Morgan Asset Management has adopted and implemented the IMA principles around STP, and very much encourages further embracing of these practices to improve security, operational efficiency and the overall service to intermediaries and clients.
— Head of European Operations

James Hay

We are committed to constantly improving the user experience at all points along the user journey. Connecting to Calastone and automating our order flow means our clients will benefit from improved operational efficiency and even easier access to investment products from leading fund managers - Chief Executive 

JO Hambro Capital Management

We specifically selected Calastone to carry our offshore funds as an automated environment affords us greater cost control. Widespread distribution of our funds is key and having access to Calastone’s community of fund distributors, transfer agents, wrap platforms, and stockbrokers helps us to stay ahead for our investors in this evolving market.
— Operations Director

KBL European Private Bankers

At KBL we strongly believe that STP and automation not only improve flexibility and reduce risk but also enhance cost efficiency of fund transactions. Calastone’s automated approach will give our clients full access to all these winning cards. The messaging system that Calastone has put in place allows us to fully participate in a new infrastructure technology regardless of the domicile or messaging preferences. This involves no significant investment. Our team of professionals is committed to providing all our clients with first-class investment services and we look forward to starting productive relationships with Calastone.
— Head of Funds Processing

Marlborough Fund Managers

At Marlborough Fund Managers we promote a "Gateway to Excellence" by offering a range of outstanding funds managed by a world class team of hand picked investment specialists. Funds are offered within investments sectors covering equities, bonds and commodities including small and large cap as well as ethical philosophies. We are pleased to add the Calastone fully automated solution to further enhance efficiency and manage administrative costs in this evolving market.
— Sales & Marketing Director

Martin Currie

At Martin Currie we believe that choice and competition can only benefit the market as a whole by driving down cost and encouraging innovation. We are pleased to offer our funds via Calastone and are confident that their transaction network will continue to attract an increasing number of fund distributors and transfer agents.
— Managing Director of Marketing, Distribution, and Product Management


Novia has built its success around Straight Through Processing, and partnering with one of the industry leading messaging providers was an obvious extension of this mind set.  Allowing us to build scalable processes to assist with the continued growth of the business is a major focus, and one which Calastone has provided the ability to do so - Head of Operations


Calastone’s ability to connect to the entire funds market without the need for the fund providers to incur costly technology spend will significantly increase our levels of STP. We are confident that Calastone’s low cost and easy-to-connect model will continue to attract ever more fund providers and transfer agents. Read case study
— Chief Operating Officer

Old Mutual Global Investors

Calastone’s bespoke settlement service brings about the automation of the entire transaction process, which has significant financial and operational advantages for our clients, as they will incur lower costs and benefit from reduced risk.
— Investment Support Manager

Pictet Luxembourg

We have been impressed with Calastone’s progress in a relatively short period of time and we are pleased to be connected. We look forward to reaping the efficiencies that automation will bring and being able to make our funds available to Calastone’s growing global network of participants.
— Head of Pictet Funds transfer agent services

Polar Capital

We look forward to our ongoing relationship with the Calastone team. Automation of the industry not only benefits our investors but also ultimately our shareholders.
— Chief Operating Officer

Premier Asset Management

We are pleased to offer our funds via Calastone and look forward to benefiting from its efficient network which will help us reduce cost and manage risk. With their low cost model and its easy connection, we are confident that Calastone will continue to attract an increasing number of fund distributors and transfer agents and become the mutual fund community for transactions processing.
— Managing Director, Operations


By partnering with Calastone our clients will benefit by improving efficiency, saving time and making it easier to do business - Head of Distribution

Sarasin & Partners

We are pleased to offer our funds via Calastone and look forward to reducing costs and risks with the help of their efficient network. With Calastone’s low cost model and its easy connection, we expect their network to continue to attract an increasing number of fund distributors and transfer agents.
— Chief Finance Officer

T. Bailey

We are pleased to offer our funds via Calastone and are confident that their network will continue to attract an increasing number of fund distributors and transfer agents.
— Chief Executive Officer


We are always on the lookout for opportunities to realise the benefits of STP and we look forward to working with Calastone to provide connectivity to those counterparties who may not already have the technology or the budgets to do business electronically by other means.
— Head of Operations